Dr. William Kellas PhD

Dr. William Kellas PhD

Dr. Kellas is the author of three books, Toxic Immune Syndrome Cookbook, Thriving In A Toxic World and Surviving The Toxic Crisis.

He has  also, for over 20 years, hosted a syndicated talk show in the Southern California area, called “Health Talk – A Second Opinion.”  He has also been a guest on major radio and television shows across the country and has been a keynote speaker at numerous conventions across the United States.  He is also a regular guest on Frank Jordan’s nationally syndicated talk show, “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” on Thursday afternoons.

Dr. William R. Kellas (Bill) has a Ph. D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and is a N.D. candidate.  In 1987, he founded the Comprehensive Medical Centers in Encinitas, California, which included what is now known as The Center for Advanced Medicine   He is also the co-founder of Integris Inc., a nutritional firm in Texas.

Over three decades ago, he faced a debilitating arthritis.  He researched and tried progressive treatments, developed a deep understanding of how the body works and over time, has regained his health.  His desire to use his knowledge to help others led to him opening the center.

Since the founding of the Center for Advance Medicine, thousands of chronically ill people from all over the world have been helped by visiting the clinic.  His books have helped individuals take charge of their health and have a deeper understanding on how the body works.

Prior to 1987, Dr. Kellas was the Chief Executive Officer of Moxon Holding Company, in Anaheim, California.  He was also the Los Angeles District Manager for Wang Laboratories in Culver City, California and the Regional Systems Marketing Manager for IBM in Newport City, California.  In this capacity, Dr. Kellas took his region from 14th to #1 nationally.  He was known as a turn around specialist in the business field and now continues this expertise into the health care field.

Dr. Kellas received his Ph.D. in Health Sciences from Doctor’s University of Natural Health Sciences.  He attended Harvard on an IBM Sponsored Program on “Finance and Management” and is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in “Business Administration” and a minor in “Physics.”



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